09 Apr

I have done yoga with my beach body workouts and I am great with the warriors and corpse pose. The more complicated ones, I need to work on because I fall and look sloppy. You won’t catch me in a class anytime soon.

So, because I’m working on my throat chakra today, I figured I’d should start with those yoga poses. At first glance (pictures on the internet) I was like I am ready for this... I can do this!

Cat-Cow With Lion's Breath.
Easy- I love cats and I love that feeling of my back being stretched like that😆 Had a sneezing fit very fitting for cat imagery. Done ✅

Plow Pose (Halasana)
I got this: Well I thought I had it, I’ve never seen my legs move so fast back down to the ground even from all the way over my head a few more tries... Done ✅ but not pretty.

Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana)
I loved doing this as a kid: Well, I’m not a kid and my core is not as strong as I thought it was, I looked like I was pointing with my feet to something behind me, I’ll keep practicing that☝

️Fish Pose (Matsyasana)
Looks easy: I got into the position but my breathing seemed difficult, so I either punctured a lung or I wasn’t in the right position🐠 That one is probably easier after my shoulder is healed, I think I’ll wait on that one.

Last thoughts on today’s stretching 🙆‍I will keep this in the privacy of my own home for now😬I did good for not really knowing what I was doing.My shoulder needs to heal a little more.
Not working out has paid off: I have no core strength🤐Goals: Work on core strength! Practice.

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