17 Jun

June’s full moon is one of the happiest and more meaningful of 2019. Happening in the lively and enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius, this moon is being influenced by expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, bringing a sense of abundance and optimism that will remain for the next two weeks. During this full moon, our intuitions and our enthusiasm will be heightened. People can expect to feel a surge of curiosity and enthusiasm as well as a download of incredible messages in the form of intuition.

This full moon also brings good news for our love lives. You'll have luck when it comes to a partner. You may meet someone exciting and new, if you’re single. If you're attached, you may have fun exploring your relationship on a deeper level. But of course, there is a drawback to all this; Deception (and this includes self-deception) can be at a high, depending on the energy we are working with. For the most part, however, this full moon will be a positive one. We can embrace our dreams, protect our hearts from negativity, and see the truth deep within

The Strawberry Moon is one of the few full moon names that is universal to every Algonquin tribe. The Strawberry Moon of June is sometimes referred to by Europeans as the Rose Moon, while other cultures named it the Hot Moon for the beginning of the summer heat. Every 29.5 days, the end of a total lunar cycle, a full moon occurs. It’s phase of influence actually exists for a total of 9 days. It occurs for 3 days prior, 3 days during, and lasts for 3 days after.

Sometimes there are two full moons in one month which occurs about every three years. The second full moon of the month is called a blue moon. The only month that can pass without any full moon at all is February, due to it’s limited number of days. Every full moon has a different name, depending on the month. They get their names according to the season and nature at the time.

Several religious calendars are based on the different phases of the Moon, including Hindu, Tibetan, Mayan and Celtic religions. None of the calendars feature the full moon as the start of the calendar, most have the full moon occur somewhere in the middle of the month. Many believers of certain religions hold rituals to celebrate the coming of a full moon. For example, the neo-pagans hold a monthly ritual called an Esbat.

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