01 Jul

Coming up on the new moon, it feels very fitting to write about new moon rituals. Creating rituals around the moon cycles is a powerful way to connect with our hearts and the universe on a regular basis. New moon rituals range from simple, elaborate, to everything in between. The most important aspect of your new moon ritual is that you connect with it and set aside time to engage with your practice each month. You will be amazed by the energy that comes from hitting the reset button with each new moon and how much you can manifest in such shorts period of time.

New moons represent the beginning of a cycle and the full moon represents a clearing or release. In farming traditions the new moon in the time when the soil is most fertile and wet. Many farmers and gardeners plants seeds on the new moon as the moon’s lunar gravity pulls water up. The new moon is considered a growth phase and is an ideal time to plant seeds in our gardens as well as our hearts for the future. The new moon is an invitation to start fresh, call in intentions, and set the tone for the next cycle.

You have 48 hours once the new moon begins to set your intentions. These hours are the most potent for manifesting and it’s good to get in the habit of working within this 2 day time frame. Asking the universe for what you want is a very powerful practice. Combine asking for what you want with the clean slate of the new moon and you have a potent recipe for creating the vision you most desire:

Pray for openness.

Anytime you set out to write your new moon list it’s very important to begin with a simple prayer. “Dear universe, I am here to connect with spirit, truth, and love. Please make me a channel of your divine wisdom and help me see clearly in all aspects and help me tune into the greatest good in my heart.”

Create a sacred place.

This can be an altar, desk, or corner in your home. Create a little area that is beautiful and reserved for your spiritual practices.

Clear the space.

Clearing the energy of your sacred space sets the tone for your practice and helps you align with the present moment.

New moon breathwork.

Breathing is a key aspect of manifesting and it will help you release any tension in your body.

Write your list.

Take out a sheet of paper and write the date and the following: This, or something better, now manifests for the highest good of all concerned. Next write a list of what you want to manifest. Remember, 10 items tops! Be sure to write your statements in positive and affirming language.

New Moon Meditation.

When your list is complete spend 10-15 minutes meditating on it.

Close out the ritual.

Once your meditation is over, say a simple prayer to close the ritual.

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