15 Aug

I know the difference between my regular dreams and a psychic dream/symbolism dream. I had a bad dream 2 nights ago, so I set up some protection yesterday. I don’t remember all my dreams but I do remember the very ending: There were three roads and then...boom... a tree. I’m trying to figure out the meaning and if you know dreams than you know 3 roads and a tree can mean A LOT.

So here goes: Straight roads- there is self-realization, adventure, life journey and directions I must follow to succeed. I’m ready to walk toward my goals and realize my wildest dreams. I will open the doors of a happy and untroubled life by making the right decisions about my future.

“3” roads- My life is linked to angels and that the connection is very strong. In fact, so connected that my angels can hear my prayers and desires all the time. They want me to pursue my path to both physical and spiritual light.

Tree with some roots and branches, but mostly trunk- I’m not entirely worried about the past and I’m looking at the present and/or future and it symbolizes my own personal strength and endurance. If it was more roots than I would be worrying about my past and if it was more the branches, I am thinking my future.

Now, I have to think back to last night when I set up some protection spells, so I believe the tree was a reminder that I’m connecting with the energy of the earth and reaching to the heavens and strong in the elements of air and wind. Also, I was visited twice through mediums Maureen and Jodi in the past 2 weeks by my great grandma Beryl so I can only assume that this was a visitation dream.

I forgot to tell you when I pray... I ask to be shown “the next path to lead me in the right direction towards my future and whatever I’m supposed to do with my life” my exact words- I always feel like I’m supposed to help people, but I’m not entirely sure how exactly, but I also want to make sure that my family is provided for as I’ve always been a single mother or the “head of the household” when in a relationship, but it’s always been me and my kids since I was 19. Just a little info so maybe you can feel something too.

So to piece it all together and take my own spin on this: my spirit guides, my great grandma and other ancestors are hearing my prayers and are showing me I have a few paths I can take. Each path is a strong decision and all three will potentially lead me to a strong future. While I am not afraid it’s still an adventure of where it will lead me. I must trust my angels and keep praying and listening for the answers and trust my inner self because I’m strong and can get through any storm. I believe this dream was to remind me that my physical life grounds me but know my spiritual life is also what makes me so strong.

So, I know reaching out and trying to figure out the spiritual side of me is very important and to keep doing that, I also have my regular job in the medical field that was my first love and so much stability in my life, but now I find myself reaching towards more of a holistic view to 1. Heal myself from all my physical and mental issues but 2. Help others with this new found knowledge.
Reading all this and trying to piece together 3 seconds of a dream makes it seem like I have a lot more on my plate! Since practicing mindfulness last September I have been just going with the flow and not letting things work me up and just letting things be and it’s been turning out in a positive light and I can tell you what a peaceful year I have had. I really had no decisions to make and kind of just let life guide the decisions I did have to make. I took that time to find myself and heal myself. So, I wonder if this dream was to remind me I have some choices to make. While, I don’t feel like I will ever let myself go back to the fast paced life where I overlooked so many beautiful parts of life, I do have to get back to reality in a sense. I need to figure out which path to take. I don’t think taking one path is like set in stone, or that I will be stuck but I do feel like this path is going to be the next major milestone in my life and I want to make the best decision. I kinda wish I didn’t start reading into this dream because I was happy living so carefree this last year, but I also know that I do need to make a decision, lol!

PS- This picture is the tattoo I had a “feeling” to get a few months ago. I told the tattoo artist-I wanted it to signify my strength in these past few years but also my knowledge in life and beyond.

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