02 Apr

Bowl with salt and water overnight
Rinse stones
Light candle, offer rocks to:
Guardian angel
Ascended guide master
Ascended master cards, check
Doreen virtue

Angeline, sodalite, Blue calcite

Those are my notes I took yesterday.

I was at physical therapy for my shoulder and I thought about my necklace. I have a Chakra necklace; it’s meant to hold the rock for the Chakra that’s being worked on. The problem is the necklace is getting stretched out. I’m worried the rocks will fall out, so I’d like to get a new necklace and keep this one for when I’m meditating.

The necklace I want I one I saw a couple weeks ago. It’s shaped like a pendulum and it has all the colors of the Chakras in order. The problem is... it’s at a store in the mall. And I know I shouldn’t worry about that, but I’m worried it’s not authentic and could just be like costume jewelry.

Last week my husband and I searched “witch store” because what else do you call the stores that have all this mediation stuff? I looked up celestial store and got CVS, Walgreen’s, pretty much every store that sells celestial teas. So we found the store in North Easton, Mass, was about a 40 minute drive from our house. When we got there, I fell in love; it was a really cute store.

I looked around and even asked about the necklace, they have nothing that looks like that pendulum. I asked a few questions but the woman working there seemed like a cashier and didn’t know anything about the stuff she was selling in that store. We looked around for a bit and I did find a stone promoting “good dreams,” and a few other things like incense and fragrance oil.

My husband has never had a reading done by a medium or a psychic; they were offering them so we went in. It was a little overpriced for 30 minutes. I didn’t get a connection with the man, but he was reading my husband not me. In the past, whenever I’m near a medium, my hair sticks up on my arms and I feel a connection almost immediately.

So back to my story, I’m at PT and I keep thinking about this necklace. I google “witch stores near me” and I find one in North Providence. So I head there, and it’s no where near a highway from the way I go, I pass a ton of tattoo shops (I have a new one in mind I’d like to get). I find the store, it’s so tiny, but when I walk in, my hairs stick up on my arm and I realize I am where I belong.

A man comes up to me and asks if I need help. Again, I explain about the necklace and he says he’s seen them but not in that store. He says he does readings at other stores and he will call me if he sees something. So I give him my number. He must sense something about me because he says “what else can I help you with?” Not in a sales way but like he knew I had more in my mind.

So, I tell him about my most recent visions and how they have been negative. My first few visions were not negative, but I feel them progressing, I’ll go into them more in depth when I have a chance. I say I’d like to get some stones to ward off negativity. He helps me pick out stones. He says at the beginning, meditation is like having an open WiFi signal without a password. Anyone can get into my meditation, so potentially a negative entity would feel me meditating and jump in.

He explains to:

Wash them, a simple rinse under the faucet will do

Set your crystals out. The ideal time to put them out is just after sunset.

Pull them in the next morning, after the dawn but before 7am.

He then tells me I need to charge them with intentions. One for my ancestors, one for my guide or guardian angel and one for the ascended masters, he says to light a candle he picks out for me and arrange the rocks in a triangle (I know triangles signify strength from previous research). I explained how I had my first vision when I was praying up to my Grandpa, Brother and Great Grandma. He confirmed I had angels watching over me while I sick, not the first time I’ve heard that (that was another confirmation I am on the right path).

Later that night, I do all I was taught. I don’t meditate because I am scared of the last 2 visions, I’d rather wait until I’m protected!

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