Deck Makeover

My deck is feeling a makeover. I’ve been feeling very shabby chic lately and my house is almost a hundred years old.

Let’s give it an early birthday present and take it back to when people say out front drinking lemonade while greeting passerby’s. You aren’t going to catch me in a petticoat again, but I’m thinking a vintage little touch up never hurt anyone.

I’ve got a good start on the deck decorations! Made myself a little DIY #buffalocheckplaid with colors that match my design. Ok maybe it’s not entirely shabby chic- if you’ve ever seen me dance or my fashion style.... you know I don’t have a style/ I don’t match/ and IDGAF

I do what makes me happy and let me just say.. this rug was so easy and I used spray paint I had on hand #crafthoarding Live a little, get out of the box and try new things! I’m in love and it will be revealed one day soon