1925 Pantry/Kitchen Upgrade

I started this project only wanting to paint the pantry and declutter. Once I got inside a blank canvas, my creativity was sparked. I kept thinking to myself, I would love... if... and I then I realized I can do whatever I want! The pantry is done! I've shared a few pictures on my stories and online and I am so proud of myself. This project meant a lot to me for so many reasons.

Amazon PurchasesTransformed Flea Market Finds

Time for the kitchen. I had gotten some corbels at the local Flea Market and it sparked an idea! 

Now that I have started working in the kitchen, I can literally breath better. My kitchen had a stagnant qi. That didn’t sit well with me. On my journey to health and happiness, I focus on my feelings and energy. If an item doesn’t bring me joy... see ya later! Same goes for people. I have no problem saying π—΄π—Όπ—Όπ—±π—―π˜†π—² to toxicity. Dark and Dreary


I am so excited I did this project. I started with a feeling for change and it became this healing I needed. I didn’t change the layout of the kitchen except the island direction, but I used elements to naturally move the flow of energy. 

Opening up that high block shelf was immediately harmonizing. I am just so happy and filled with joy. 


After painting that ugly brown shelf I have been dying to do for years, I still didn't feel bright and white! I do love my teal so much... but I have 4 walls of it. What did I think up? A white accent wall. Who's excited the kid made the wrong size paint now??? Ha Ha!


I used the same Diamond White color I used in the pantry to try and make it a little more cohesive. Walking into the kitchen from my back doorway, you immediately see this wall and the butler's pantry. 

Are you excited to see what I do with this? I am!!! My father in law made me some shelves from wood he had in his workshop. He also made a replica of the corbels I found at the flea market, so its time to put up those shelves! I am so grateful and thankful I had help with this project... definitely helped out in the budget department. 

Yesterday, Richie and I went out and got a few things I needed for my spice rack. Of course I got a few more items that weren’t on my list. Taking the spices out of the food pantry left me with a lot of room for activities, so I rearranged the snacks and meals. 


I now have 3 teenagers home and at least twice a day I hear π“π‘πžπ«πž’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐑𝐒𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐚𝐭... now, they have an entire section for them. I’d like to remind you, I have delicious healthy fresh food sitting in the fridge cooked by their very own chef🀦‍♀️ 

Which brings me to my next project within a project! I cleaned out all the big bulky instapots, quesadilla maker, icecream makers, cakepop makers... I mean literally so much stuff I buy and I use once. I then moved on to the pots and pans. Oh. My. God. So many donations sent off! Then on to the food! That was merely using my organization skills.

What I am really excited about is my spices though. I have so many spices. I cook daily, I make concoctions, I am a self taught chef. Well, I shouldn't say that... the kids' Vova taught me to cook Portuguese food when I was 19, authentic food from a native resident from San Miguel is kind of impressive if I say so myself! 

I ordered a spice kit from amazon and a tiered tray from Hobby Lobby (half off, yes!), I hope it comes out good!

Check back and see how far I've progressed! Look where I started from here!