Mindful Moms, Inc. is about empowering and helping those lost find their way. Each path in sobriety in different and no recovery is truly the same. There are many approaches to recovery and here are many tools to help you stay on track.

There are online AA groups as well as multiple other pathways to help individual plans for recovery. 

Due to COVID restrictions, we do not travel to hospitals or inpatient treatment facilities, although we are available for zoom appointments. 

Mindful Moms implemented an Art for Recovery Program earlier this year, 2022.

We are scheduling weekly and monthly workshops running 1-3 hours, depending on the time allotted by the center. All art supplies are provided and we assist with guidance if needed. Artwork can be taken home or kept by the center for display purposes. These workshops can also be held online with supplies being mailed directly to the center. 

As we know, there are multiple pathways of recovery; this program helps in many ways including but not limited to: strengthening identity and self-image and using art expression to balance emotional responses while having fun in a safe environment. Pricing is subject to project and size of the group. 

Art expression helps to focus on the present moment which is what Mindful Moms represents.