Mission Statment

Mindful Moms, Inc. is a nonprofit group our mission is to help those in need. Our team consists of Moms who themselves have been on a journey of discovery and recovery. We have a wide range of professional qualifications that include college degrees, recovery certifications as well as credentialing in spiritual and psychotherapy practices. What stands out about these women is their dedication and desire to empower all women in recovery. We understand the occasional setbacks and welcome the continual growth that helps us learn from experiences.

Each woman has a personal responsibility for their own self-care and journey of recovery. At Mindful Moms, Inc. we identify coping strategies and healing processes to promote wellness. Hope is the catalyst of the recovery process and provides the essential and motivating message of a positive future. There are multiple pathways to recovery based on one’s needs, preferences, experiences and cultural background. Our hope is to have individuals determine their own path of recovery with freedom, independence and control of their resources. Please join our facebook group if you are mom in recovery!

Finding purpose in life is important to establish relationships and daily activities that give meaning to our lives. Serving others can give a purpose, a reason to get out of bed, and a way to give back to your community; this is critical in healing.