28 Feb

Playing around this morning on my story! Did you see it? 

I’m pumped! You know how I get when I’m excited... my “Clueless” Valleygirl comes out and well... I can’t help it and I love it!

So much happening and mostly all da good stuff!

What happens when you push yourself out of your comfort zone? Amazing sh!t happens... you won’t know if you don’t take that first step! What happens when you look deep inside and listen to your heart? Miracles. You know why? Because you have purpose and the universe knows it... every door opens and it’s yours for the taking baby.

A beautiful soul showed the world her colors; a few days ago, sadly that light went out way too early. When you meet those stars and then lose them, what do you do? 

Lock yourself away from the world? 


Take their message and keep spreading that light... that sounds like a better plan... I am sad for sure for our loss- but I know she wouldn’t want anyone laying around crying over her- she would want people singing and being colorful and enjoying life. Her most loved ones are private and it’s not my business to share. But I will always recognize beautiful souls and that’s what’s remembered.

Live for today!

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