13 Sep

I feel like all I talk about is sleep. But seriously, I love sleeping. I go to another dimension and I love my life there. But I also love my life here... I sleep with different level hz. depending on what I need. I’m sure I’ll go into a nerd binge on hz. one day (I’ve been an EEG and sleep technologist since 2003). But this isn't a school lesson.


I don’t just want to stay healthy in my recovery, I want my whole person healthy. That’s eating healthy and treating my mind, body and soul good. Limiting chemicals and getting in the right head space are some of my goals. Meditation is so important. Using a guided meditation during the day is helpful for people who have a hard time meditating. Sometimes just music helps. Focus on the sounds and let all the other stuff go. 


I really wish I never heard the song from “Frozen,” after I say “let it go,” which I say probably 10 times a day- that damn song plays in my ears. When you see me twirling and skipping down the street... you know I’m still sober... I’m just telling myself to let shit go. I’m super wacky and really have that IDGAF attitude (IDGAF= I don’t give a f*ck) 


I am not some hip mom with all the words being used daily, facts. Ok, so it kind of worked there, but I’m like an old soul mixed with a little 90’s and new age shit. I’m always looking up things. So if I don’t feel good or I want to better myself. I look up how! There is so much information at our finger tips. 


I use YouTube a lot for my hz. You can do Spotify or buy a CD. There are hz. for everything. You just need to google it! There are so many frequencies out there when you think about it: cell phones in our hands, WiFi, all the appliances around us, radio frequencies and government frequencies (I’m a little conspiracist too). 


Personally, getting out into nature is the best frequency for me. I sit and focus on the birds and animals making their sounds and communicating. I listened to the trees blowing in the wind. Even the way water runs in a stream or a wave- All these things make up an orchestra for your soul. But if you can’t get out into nature, google some hz. 


My husband found this at Savers (a consignment shop). It’s filled with CD’s, explanations and programs to get started! Even Ginger likes it! 

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