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  •  1/1/2021 12:03 PM

Be a good human and always look how you can improve from unwanted feelings or situations. What are your goals/resolutions for this year?

  •  12/16/2020 07:14 AM

A little beach dreaming during the snowstorm tonight. Stay safe and warm!

  •  11/28/2020 10:58 AM
  •  11/5/2020 04:33 PM

Been MIA... but I am here and still talking about DIY plus a smorgasbord of everything else!

  •  10/14/2020 08:11 AM

I am a big gift giver, not always expensive gifts but I like to give presents that people actually enjoy. I put a lot of thought into my gifts, isn't that the whole point? Throughout my adult years there have been times when I was on a budget: whether it be when I was a single mom, or collecting unemployment or when I was out of work for my health issues. Here are some tips!

  •  9/20/2020 07:53 AM

Gift giving and party food ideas!