02 Oct

This right here is my inspiration for freckled mom. Going from being a young (18) mom and growing up together. I have learned so much about life, from my children, first my oldest and then my baby. We think it’s the other way around. But people (souls) come in our lives for a reason. My oldest was my savior, as a young teenager about to head down the path of drugs. 


I learned a lot from motherhood from so many view points. Single mom, college mom, working mom, dating and motherhood, having more kids, sports mom, discipline. Motherhood is a wild ride. Sure people warn you, but it’s nothing like those warnings. Except... 


Time flies. In a snap, they are giving you chocolate smeared lip kisses wrapping you into a sweaty hug for dear life. And then they are bigger than you, making decisions on their own. It’s hard but rewarding. There is a bond between mother and son, it’s unbreakable. We grew together and learned so much.  

We did Senior pictures today and all I can say is 

B E  S T I L L  M Y  H E A R T

All the pictures won't be ready until next week, but I practiced my photography. I was dodging geese shit and mud, so I think they came out pretty good! 

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