09 Sep

I hated school! I enjoyed the social part of it, but not the work, studying, or tests. I loved the organization; I loved pencils and paper and trapper keepers! Lisa Frank, my friend, is all I need to say! 

Once I failed a college course and was told by my parents I needed to pay my own way... well let’s just say the next 3 years were straight A’s. Money coming out of your pocket is one way to work hard for something. Now move on 16 years into my career, almost dying and starting life over, school has started all over again. 

What's that saying? Life comes full circle. Starting over is scary, but sometimes its necessary. People get stagnant in life, new dreams manifest or maybe you are like me and had an accident and had to start fresh. I didn't do it any other way, so I am not sure how I would have done things differently. I really had no other option. Either live in a wheelchair and live in a rehab for the rest of my life or get up and start living my life. 

Every year of my sobriety, I have gone back to classes. I have been studying psychology, life courses, reiki and mindfulness. I have gotten to a point in life that I can’t give up on dreams. I’ve always wanted to be a real estate agent; GASP. I know wild huh? 

I signed up for online courses. Thanks to COVID, pretty much everything is online now. It’s not like I’m some old lady and  can't do new things; although old ladies go back to school too. What made me worried, is my cognitive issues and learning new things. I love realty TV shows, although I know shit about selling houses, ha ha! 

I knew I needed to get old school. Get me some note cards and notebooks and take notes. Nowadays everything is recorded and available for a later date; which makes note taking unnecessary. I am one of those learners that if I take notes, I’ll understand much clearer. 

Well? My classes are done, I am super excited but... now I need to study and take the test! Woo! That happened fast! Getting organized and planning ahead always is the step that helps me get motivated. I’d love to tell you that I Lisa Franked up my office, but I didn’t. Organization is the key to my crazy lifestyle for sure! What is something you have always wanted to do but thought you couldn't? What's stopping you? Do it!!!

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