13 Jan

Working in the medical field for 20 years, growing up in a house of nurses... it’s easy to say- oh I got a pill for that.

Even a pill that’s not addictive can be addictive. We live our lives and when in pain, our first thought is to pop a pill. Not figure out why we are in pain. 

I was so depressed when I got out of the hospital, I was still in a wheelchair, weak, neuropathy felt like it was eating away at my feet. 

It was easier just to take a pill and make all the pain go away and take a nap. Those pills cause side effects. Side effects can range from weight gain, stringy hair/nails, edema (swelling) more depression/anxiety, heart attack, increased suicidal thoughts.

I am not against pills or medications to help heal you or take away an infection. I’m against hiding behind the meds and pills and thinking they will magically heal you. Most times it’s a band aid. If you knew what was causing it, you could just treat the issue,

I went holistic almost 3 years ago, it’s the best thing I could have done for my disabilities: neuropathy, migraines, gait/equilibrium issues, myoclonus, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies and toxicity. Everything related to the lesion in my brainstem and my alcoholism- so I stay sober and I heal my brain lesion.

I do it with vitamins and supplements, foods and water. No special spells or incantations. It’s work but the results is what I care about. I always talk about my weight loss, physically it’s the biggest improvement I feel. More energy, my knees feel better and you can see it. But what about everything else? Great! Sure I still have medical problems, nothing like they were. My nails are growing, but... Look at my hair! 3 years ago, I had to cut it short because it was so stringy and greasy. Today, it’s healthy, long, and doesn’t smell like stale booze.  I can’t say enough about being holistic. The side effects would have killed me quite literally.

Holistic life is possible. Living life without pain or disease is possible 

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