12 Sep

Sometimes I set my alarm with these grandiose plans. Today was one of them. Let’s back up a little. I haven’t been sleeping, I’m pretty sure every lightworker, empath, healer, soul worker and witch feels this. We are in a paradigm shift. It’s been happening for a while, but now it’s really at a heightened level. 

Don’t come to me for astrology questions, I know enough to get by. I’m always fascinated how many of my friends have their girly times around full and new moons (that’s my fancy word for a woman’s period, don’t judge, I’ve been living with boys for the last 17 years). But now it’s men and women, young and old, trained and natural. We all feel it; upset stomach, overly emotional, poor appetite or ravishing hunger and these god awful sleepless/vivid dream nights. 

So, I woke up tired and cranky and went by my internal clock. I did my normal animal chores, it’s not like we have a farm; but the dogs go outside at separate times in the morning, feedings and playtime and the cat starts waking up and looking for his food and fresh litter box. I complain that I’m the only one who does it, but I also want it done the right way, the first time; so it's me who does it all.

I had a real estate class I wanted to attend- I missed that. I had work on the website to do-I missed that. I had cleaning to do- I did some. And then a dream/image popped in my head from the night before about a creepy vacation picture montage. Before I knew it, thoughts were swirling and a new idea formed. 

I got to crafting and made a display for the Ghouls’s family vacation photos! It is really cute and took me like 5 minutes. Watch how easy it was here ~~>

Well, now my plans are really out the window. Once I start doing crafts or decorating, I can’t stop. I tried getting my youngest up to go to the store with me, he has a week before school starts-so he is enjoying these lazy sleep in mornings, I’d enjoy that too- if I could sleep. 

Anyway, I start showering and getting ready. When I got out of the shower I had a text that my ex would be coming hours earlier than normally to get my sleeping son. So, I finished getting ready and got my son off with his father and off I went! Off to where you ask, to get new decorations. Again, I hear a question- But isn’t your basement filled to the brim with totes of decorations? My answer would be yes. 

Once I get a thought in my head, I need to do it. Source infusing me with creativity, creator reminding me I have free will. Who knows, who cares? I’m not careless with money believe me, but I have some old decorations that needed to be vamped up (pun intended) we are having a yard sale soon, so some lucky person is going to inherit all my old Halloween crafts and store bought ones and hand me downs. 

My day went great! I found the cutest things and got some ideas for a porch theme. I kind of went with creepy fortune teller country chic. I’m not a licensed interior decorator, but I have an eye. Look how some of them came out ——> here.

I was so tired when I got home and my back was starting to hurt on my bad side (long story, but I was paralyzed on my left side and now I’m not, but it acts up) so when my husband offered take out... I was all for it. He wanted calzones but my son wanted Mexican. We started planning where and what and then my son said “Nvm I got sum” through text, aren't kids great??? 


I still wanted my Mexican food! I placed the order and off we went. My husband prefers delivery but this place is literally like 9 minutes down the road in Somerset, Fiestas. When we got there, they couldn’t find our order. It was definitely time for it to be ready. The kid came out twice with no food. You could tell my husband wasn’t happy. The kid reminded us of the other restaurant a few towns away; although the number I called was for this location. Low and behold the other place had our order. 


Back on the road again, I forgot to tell you the big goofy puppy came with us, and my back hurts- but nothing can stop my happiness when I’m about to get chimichangas! My husband’s pissed, and I start laughing (I have a pinched nerve-pseudobulbar palsy-that causes me to cry and laugh at bad times or like the opposite of when you should) so I’m laughing and he’s getting more mad. The whole ride, he is making noises and grumbling-19 minutes to Dartmouth where our order is waiting; according to my husband in an icebox because it will be ice cold. Yes, I’m still laughing. 


My husband is not a mean guy at all, but when he gets annoyed-he gets cranky. Normally within a few minutes he’s back to his carefree attitude, but while he’s steaming... it’s funny... I can’t help it. He says the silliest things in these moments of anguish and it’s funny-sorry Mike! We finally get to the restaurant, crisis averted, I have warm chimichangas sitting on my lap and I am seriously so happy. 


There is a moral to this story. Do you! Do things that make you happy and make your soul shine. If you’re having an off day, that’s ok! 

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