22 Jun

I woke up at 3am as usual, but man I was tired. Not my normal 3am witching hour self. I thought to myself... Devin (we are switching to third person here) “Why don’t you do some breathing exercises and relax yourself. Sleep will come...”

Psychic Devin pep talking sleepy Devin.

I started my breathing, I could feel my body relaxing. I should remind you, I ask spirit questions before bed; I ask for the answer in my dreams, hence my precognitive vivid dreams. So off I went out on an imagery trip.

I have a beautiful place I go to; my spirit guides and loved ones are there to great me. It’s a bit of journey to get to, but once I’m there~ that’s where magic happens. Questions to problems start filling my mind. Crafts start coming to life. Beautiful food concoctions start appearing. No wonder I’m talking about food at 8am.

Sometimes it’s hectic, I always use my breath to bring me back. It’s not every 3am. It’s when I’m questioning and unsure of things. It’s when I’m stressed and my body does what it does- it heals naturally by allowing me to piece things together.

These are my favorite moments of the day. I never had these moments until I started meditating. I never saw these creations until I allowed myself to let go. We are capable of beautiful things when we let ourselves.

Be you. Let yourself give in to your heart’s desires~even for just 5 minutes as a fantasy in your head. You’ll have a different pep in your step for sure.

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