08 Apr

I had a dream about a bunch of little lizards in my garden and then 2 huge ones- at first I got startled and then I began watching them and playing with them. I was fascinated by their movement and ability to go wherever they wanted. Nothing stopped them. Under doors, down through the dirt and the cracks of the house. 

I went inside and it was my childhood home. It was filled with chores to do. Piles of laundry to put away and dirty dishes piling up. I just wanted to watch that lizard. I couldn’t find him, on my phone I had a lizard sensor and it said he was in the house, but I couldn’t see him. 

A person I haven’t talked to in real life for 1.5 years although she is close family, laid in her bed. I was upset she left all the chores for me and laid there watching TV. It was like the lizard was looking for her. He went right to her room and onto the bed. The woman froze in fear- she hates lizards. He ran up the bed and stayed on top of her chest watching her. I laughed- not out of malice- but joyful laughter. 

He was so cute and squirmy and I just thought he was delightful and the other person hated him. I felt like he was looking into her soul and the laughter stopped and I woke up.

You know me and my dreams. I don’t go searching for a dream dictionary at first. I meditate- I think what message is being sent that I can learn from. Dreams are very important. Some may just be pent up worry or anxiety; some though are messages. 

We all have a special sense of sorts. Some can feel danger and deceit, some may be feel future events, some the past. In life, we have been told to not have fantasies or live with our head up in the clouds, we shouldn’t allow our children to have imaginary friends. I think that’s all BS. Embrace all of it. Even when you are fighting it, dreams are a time your subconscious can come through. You are vulnerable and your guard isn’t up.

Listen to your dreams and think about their meaning. Think what it means in your life at the moment. When all else fails- head to the dream dictionary- but I am betting if you sit for a bit and think- you’ll come up with it yourself. 

Embrace your senses.

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