13 Jan

Yesterday, I worked hard to get all my videos done. Today at 12, my Wednesday Video “Organize With Me” gets uploaded.

I’ve been cleaning all morning and my house smells so good. I love when I get a good scrubbing clean. Sometimes with a busy life, I can only get a room done at a time, mom life.

Tomorrow, I am part of my first Collab what??? The challenge is “Trash to Treasure”, um Challenge accepted! You know I’ll be posting that! But it’s at 9:30am, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll see it! 2 of my 3 MRI’s got scheduled today. Schedules checked and updated for the kids appointments and it looks like I am cleared to get working.

Did you know I got a paint sprayer and learned how to use it So much fun! 

How’s the middle of your week going? Did you know it was Wednesday? I feel like I’ve been lost in my days How about you?


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