Busy Time of Year

28 Nov

Covid or not, this time of year is super busy for me and my family. Add in having an extra child living with us, William starting co-op and Richie starting in person school again- We are busy!

I have recently kicked up my crafting! I have written about it on my social media platforms, and really its just brought me so much joy!

My husband has a collection business where he sells antiques and other collectibles. We've decided go open up a thrift booth somewhere. We haven't decided if we want a booth open throughout the week or one of the flea markets that’s only open on Sundays.  

So that’s what I have been busy with... crafting my heart away! I am trying to stay with a farmhouse design, but I feel so drawn to coastal farmhouse; which is what a lot of my house is.  Here’s a sneak peak!  

Of course a silly Christmas cup is necessary!

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