16 Dec

We are getting a snowstorm tonight, so why not showcase my beach signs I made recently! Are you on my YouTube channel yet? I am putting out videos every week! I don't blog as often as I want to, but I post a lot in my social media groups, so if you're looking for some motivation... check there too!

When I got out of the hospital a few years ago, coming up on 4 years. I was in a wheelchair. I watched TV, went to the bathroom, went back to the couch and watched more TV and then went back to the bathroom and I did this all day until I went to bed.

I was depressed. I was sad. I was mad. I was mad at myself for putting myself there. I missed my old life. I missed smiling and laughing. I remember actually telling my husband, “I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy anything ever again.” I saw pain in his eyes, he wanted me healthy in every way- physically, mentally, psychologically. 

After about a year on medication for literally everything including depression and anxiety and bipolar, I was still a depressed crying lunatic literally. I cried over a jug of milk. My husband found me in the bathroom sobbing, unable to get out of bed so sad and depressed. I wasn’t even in the wheelchair anymore. My life was moving in the right direction, I was just so lost... or clouded from all the meds.

With my husband’s help, we decided to get off the meds. It has been a long 3 years, lots of research, lots of diet changes, cutting out food that didn’t agree with my chronic illness and adding foods that benefit me. We don’t have a farm, yet But we live as close to Farm to Table as possible. We stopped eating processed foods; diet change, supplements, meditation... it’s all a balance. It’s work too, lots of trial and error, lots of research but I wouldn’t change any of it.

I’m back to what I love to do. I’m back to laughing and enjoying myself. I’m back to me, but a better version. A less cloudy, less toxin filled, free and clear mind Devin. I have a doctors appointment today, and I’m actually excited Moral of the story: if you’re unhappy~ Do something about it. 

If you’re depressed, change the treatment. I’m not saying all medication is bad, medfree is just what worked for me. There are so many holistic and medical interventions to help people through their issues, what worked 10 years ago might not work today and it’s ok to admit you need help. Get back to life. Get back to loving things. Get back to YOU! 

My videos don't upload very good on this site.. something to look into, but the videos are up on YouTube and my social media and further down below! I have some great tips today on a washout look for canvas or wood! 

Stay safe tonight in the storm. Make some hot cocoa, get a cozy warm blanket and watch the video!

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