10 Dec

Sometimes I look at other women and I think why can’t my hair be that perfect or why can’t I look that cute in a plaid shirt or a baseball hat? Sometimes I look in the mirror and say damn Devin you’re so amazing!

It’s OK to have moments when you doubt yourself or are unhappy. We are human; we have emotions and egos. Self-confidence is an amazing thing; loving myself makes me feel amazing. 

Changing my mindset has truly changed my life, when I’m having one of those moments comparing myself and upset that I am not how I envision myself, those are the moments where change occurs. Life isn’t always easy and days aren’t always perfect. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what a bad ass you are and you’re amazing.

I’ve stopped worrying how people judge me, now I care about how I feel and what I see in the mirror. I don’t always like myself, but I always love myself. That goes deeper than any negative thoughts that pop up in my head.

You are unique and wonderful. There is enough judging in the world, we don’t need to judge ourselves. Be you! Be silly, be funny, be dramatic, be extravagant.

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