08 Dec

Yes I’m wearing a shower cap!

Do you know what is not in this picture on the right? Back fat! 

I lost so much weight when I was paralyzed in the hospital. I went from 190 to 150. I almost died from multiorgan failure from alcoholism, the only thing that saved me was being hooked up to IV infused bags filled with high levels of prednisone.

Once I was off the liquid diet, everything in front of me was eaten. And then I was discharged with 10+ pills-all which affected my hair and nails but most noticeable- my weight. I went up to 232. That’s heavier than both my full term pregnancies.

I tried everything. Portion control. Counting calories. Diet pills. Diet shakes. And then I tried keto! I lost weight fast, but you can’t do Keto forever, that’s no good either. Once I tried going back to regular eating, I gained weight quick.

I felt awful; my knees hurt again, I felt sluggish and had no energy, even my skin started breaking out. Losing weight is a balance of course and what works for one person might not work for you. I do a mixture of low carb and intermittent fasting. I eat everyday, but I only eat during a certain window of time: 3-8pm but most times I eat 4-7.

Am I starving to death? Nope! Do I get to eat all my fun stuff? Yes!

I don’t eat as many carbs as I used to... but in all honesty I don’t want to. When I eat too many carbs, processed foods, or added sugars~ I have a flare up. After multiorgan failure and paralysis, I regained my ability to walk. That is the most amazing thing that occurred since all of this. I was left with many disabilities. 

Sure it looks like I’m healed; but I have neuropathy, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, bipolar, migraines, depth perception, doubled/blurred vision, myoclonus, gait/equilibrium problems, cognitive issues and issues with my joints. The carbs and processed food make all of those things considerably worse. 

Losing weight wasn’t just about my knees feeling better, it was for me to live. I stopped all the medication because of the side effects almost 3 years ago and I manage my pain and disabilities with CBD oil, supplements, mindfulness and diet. It’s definitely not easy, but I recommend a holistic life over pills.


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