11 Sep

Today, in this day and age you can literally buy anything. Better yet, you can sell anything. Did you hear about the diet that makes you lose 20 pounds in a week by just drinking water? Or the diet where you exercise in sweatpants? Or maybe you've been contacted by the many weight loss companies on social media. Before social media was a way of life you would have sat through an hour long commercial selling you a new piece of equipment that would take pounds off your body in half the time then going to the gym. At the end they would say only 5 installments of $240, WTH? They use women with perfect hair and perfect bodies to sell it too!

Now, with social media anyone can sell anything. There are expensive pills, powder supplements, workout videos with matching weights (for the serious people), energy boosters, mood enhancers. I'm not saying I disagree with anyone trying to improve their life and income, just how they go about doing it. Instead of paying high priced models to do their advertising they have everyday moms and young ladies doing all the hard work. These companies tell their consultants that you need to show how happy you are so the customer wants to be like you. They say do not talk about negative things or really voice your opinions about politics or religion because you want everyone to be able to relate to you. But at the same time they want you to use phrases like "finding my tribe" and "building a team of people like me." 

I can tell you from personal experience that you do feel welcomed at first. Every time you finish strong they congratulate you. But what happens when you do not meet quotas? Or you are struggling that month to buy the powder? They say things like "your success is how far you push yourself." They shame you into making another purchase. The minute you say this was a bad week, I had no energy, they tell you its because you didn't keep up with your monthly order. The companies tell you as a consultant to go through your friends and families posts, when they comment about something discouraging you are to private message them. When you private message them you tell them how they could turn their life around, turn that frown upside down. So you are no longer the helpful person you set out to be but the money hungry person you have become. They don't say it as a motto, but they want you to find those poor helpless girls and make them feel like they belong in "your tribe." Feed off their low self confidence and poor negative image. 

When I voiced my concerns, I had 20 girls telling me I was wrong, because I didn't make a vision board and I didn't push myself to the limits. But there were 100 more who knew exactly where I was coming from. What do they know? Did they see how many times I fell down because I physically cannot do all the workouts? Did they see the times I passed out because my blood pressure was shooting up so high from the energy powder I added to my water? Not everyone is excited to wake up early and exercise, not everyone feels fantastic for the rest of the day. Some people still suffer from depression or body dysmorphia, so when they voiced their concerns they are no longer welcomed. Those people became "my tribe." They are pushed to the side because everyone else says they didn't push themselves harder. So maybe the next consultant has an easier sale because you feel defeated and are willing to do anything to lose weight because for the past 3 months you were told if you get fit you will look better and feel better, and people will like you. 

Off my tirade, I am not saying do not buy those gimmicks, don't buy those diet pills. But really listen to what these people are saying. Everybody told me I will feel better if I do it and I didn't. Why? Because I suffer from anxiety and depression and was on medication for neuropathy and no amount of exercising was going to fix an imbalance in my brain. So, I started CBD oil (yes someone online told me about it) and I started to feel better, and I was able to get off all my meds. I still wanted to lose weight, I still wanted people to like me, but I did it my own way. I researched different diets and actually worked out. No matter how you lose weight you still need to work out a little. You don't need to spend hours working out but you need some workout to tighten up that skin, you need to move around a little to get those calories burned. Take a walk! 

Some diets are dangerous for certain medical problems. Always consult your doctor. I did learn something from those consultants. You do have to fight for what you want, but you do not need to buy a recurring monthly order from someone. You don't need to spend $100's on workout videos. Choose a diet: keto, paleo, low fat or one of the many diets that involve changing your eating habits. Go to your local salvation army and you will find a million workout DVD's or even just Youtube it. If you just want to get it new but do not care about the brand name here are as few I like: hand weights and a yoga mat. A few of my friends swear by these weights especially if you plan on increasing your poundage. Like I said earlier social media is a wonderful thing. Don't let some girl half your age make you feel bad because you're not doing 50 burpees at 5AM. 

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