18 Apr

Since September I’ve been eating much healthier without bread or carb products, so no bread 🥖 bagels 🥯 pancakes 🥞 waffles... that limits a girl’s resources for breakfast. So I found this recipe. If you’ve ever read my blog, you know I’m all about convenience and ease. This microwaveable breakfast ham and eggs is perfect


• 2 slices thinly sliced ham

• Shredded mozzarella

• 2 eggs

• Basil pesto sauce

• Cherry tomatoes cut in half

• Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

• Fresh basil leaves if desired


Use a glass dish, not plastic.

Lay the ham down first.

Smear a little pesto sauce on the ham and then continue to layer ingredients.

Microwave at 1:30 minutes, keep and eye on the dish and add 10 seconds until eggs cooked to your liking

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