16 Dec

In the morning the nurse will visit provide you with any needed treatments. Nursing and/or therapy staff will help you to use the rest room, and get clean and dressed for the day. Breakfast is planned daily by a nutritionist and physician to account for your current medical needs. Patients typically have 2-3 therapy sessions in the morning before lunch. 

The afternoon will also be spent in therapy sessions. Time for resting is provided between sessions, when needed. Nurses will check up on you through the day, provide you with needed treatments, and help you practice the activities you learn in therapy.

You normally have the evening free to visit with family and friends, relax, read or watch TV. The same as breakfast; lunch and dinner is planned by a nutritionist. Nursing staff will help you with grooming, putting on your bedclothes and getting comfortable in bed. Any treatments and medication needed throughout the day would be administered by the nurse on duty. 

Small accommodations go a long way for comfort

I was lucky enough to have my husband and parents visit me almost everyday. They brought me clean clothes so I didn't have to wear drafty johnnies. I had comfortable shoes to workout in and practice walking. I really enjoyed having lotion and soap to smell like I would if I was at home instead the traditional hospital soap. My family visited me throughout my stay and brought me some word search and sudoku puzzle books, and reading material. One of my favorite gifts was a fuzzy blanket that my sister and my children picked out; I used to snuggle up with during a storm and knowing my kids thought of my comfort made me work harder during the day to get home to see them and snuggle in person. 

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