05 Oct


§                     6 tbsp. of salted butter

§                     1 tsp. chopped garlic

§                     1 pound of chicken

§                     1/4 C. of diced seasoned tomatoes

§                     1 tsp. fresh basil

§                     1 oz. white wine

§                     2 tbsp of clam juice

§                     2 tsp of lemon juice

§                     Half a packet of chicken bouillon

§                     A few dashes of pepper

§                     12 oz. cooked pasta, Keto-add zucchini noodles


ü      Heat sauté pan (medium heat). Add butter and chicken.

ü      Add all liquids to pan: white wine, clam juice and lemon juice

ü      Add tomatoes, garlic, basil, bouillon and pepper

ü      Add well drained pasta. Mix well and enjoy.


You can substitute shrimp for the chicken, just omit the chicken bouillon. I use the clam juice regardless what I meat or fish I add. 

Fresh parmesan cheese tastes good over this recipe as well! 

According to my children this tastes like Uno’s Pasta Scampi! 

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