07 Jul

I decided to stop using my current CBD oil to try another oil more affordable. I have so many supporters suffering from many issues and aren’t able to afford the brand I was using and selling.

Since the beginning I wasn’t in it to make money, that was just a benefit, I wanted to help people. So, I’ve decided to try cheaper oils and find one just as good! Consistency is key with anything, especially with CBD oil. The oil I got I would not recommend, but I am going to tough it out for the month, hoping it’s like starting anything new, I need to get used to it.

In the meanwhile, I am having a flare up. My neuropathy is on fire, my torn tendon on my left ankle is worse than ever and my left knee feels like I’m about 90, that’s the same leg my paralysis was on. All through physical therapy they told me if I keep sending my knee back when I stand up it will cause problems, well it’s here——Along with waiting for this CBD oil to start working, I’m adding a little more turmeric to my diet. I wasn’t sure how this would taste. I think I added the right ingredients, because it was delicious with a little spice!

🥄1 scoop of organic chocolate protein powder
🥄1 tbsp of turmeric powder
🥄1 tbsp sunbutter
🥄1/2 tsp honey
🥛8-12 ounces Almond milk

Blend over ice or as is for a more milky consistency. 

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