26 Jul

Breakfast burritos can be as simple or as intricate as you make it. 

Gather your ingredients needed, I always like to pull out everything so I don't forget anything, but also so I am not running to the fridge every 5 seconds.

This morning, I used

  1. Cream
  2. Eggs
  3. Butter for egg pan
  4. Cheese
  5. Ham
  6. Pesto Sauc e
  7. Garlic Powder
  8. Onion Powder
  9. Pink Himalayan Salt
  10. Pepper

You can add whatever you want, but remember too many ingredients will be too big to wrap and turn into a breakfast quesadilla!

I start by adding butter to the pan and start making the eggs, any style, omelet/scrambled/over easy, its all going in the same wrap, doesn't have to be pretty! I add seasoning to the eggs while cooking. I add ham to the pan to warm that. This is when you can add any other fillers- veggies, peppers/onions, meats.

Next, pick your poison, literally! Bread is bad for me, it causes grain brain in a real, foggy brain way. I used flour tortillas for the boys wraps, they aren't exactly watching their carbs. I allow them to have more carbs a day than me. I on the other hand, used low carb wraps or you can opt to make it fresh with some almond flour. In the morning, I am not trying to be Martha Stewart, I just want to get food on the table and get moving on to more important things, like eating it!

After wrapping it, I like to throw in the same pan I was cooking the eggs and innards in. It has a little leftover butter and flavor for the outside of the burrito.

I added the pesto right on to the wrap, I think when it is cold and fresh it is best for sandwiches. As you can see, my low carb wrap was a little too small, so it became a quesadilla, doesn't matter to me! The boys had a little more of a scrambled egg verse my omelet so I could wrap theirs a little better!

Try your own variation. Unless you're cooking for a party or event, don't worry how it looks, focus on the flavor.

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