16 Apr

Gift giving can be something simple or extravagant. Tip: Be ahead of the game

Get a small yearly calendar. Write down people’s birthdays or anniversaries you want to celebrate. This doesn’t mean you need to give a gift, but at least you will have the date to call and wish someone a happy birthday.

If you love giving gifts like me but hate running out to the store every time, keep things on hand. Use a closet or a shelf unit and keep it stocked. If there is a sale on candles or lotion: stock up. When you have to buy something from a school catalog, buy something useful for anyone. 

If someone gives you a gift you will never use add it to the closet (If you’re regifting make sure you don’t re-gift to that person who gave you the gift). 

Keep an assortment of blank cards and envelopes and a few bags with tissue paper. In my garage I keep mason jars in bulk (it’s cheaper then buying one every time you need it) 

Pinterest has great ideas for teachers and kids, little gifts for the Secretary at your doctors office.

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