04 Feb

This could be for those moms who have 5 kids and get can’t get to school on time or it could be for that single mom who has to get to work on time after dropping the baby off at daycare. Make your diaper and work/lunch bags ahead of time; lay out your work clothes and get your Keurig ready with a cup sitting underneath at night before going to bed. If the kids are still sleeping, let them sleep. If they are up, get them ready first. Once they’re fed and changed they will be a lot happier to sit and wait for you. I always used to put my babies in a vibrating chair in the bathroom with me. I would sing in the shower and continuously talk out loud about anything and everything. 1. I read talking to babies in a normal voice with everyday words and not always cooing at them stimulates their brain. 2. Constantly hearing your voice, your baby is less apt to get fussy. Once you’re ready you probably have one more diaper change and you’re off to the races. If you have toddlers, I would lay out everyone’s outfits the night before. I would feed them while I had my coffee. While I got myself ready I would tell them to get themselves dressed, for a while it never worked, although it kept them busy for a little while. Eventually they started running into the bathroom showing me their shoes and shirts on. 

Anytime you can make breakfast ahead of time that will help. Quiche is one of my favorites. I love my crockpot and there are a ton of recipes you can make overnight while you’re sleeping and wake up to a warm delicious breakfast, oatmeal and so many more. Making things ahead of time saves you time in the morning. Without fail the baby will throw up his bottle, your daughter will start cosmetology lessons on her own hair, your 5 year old will start to pull out his finger paints. Give yourself time for those wonderful additions to your morning.

Things to do the night before:
Lunches can be made ahead of time.
I have 2 crockpots, you actually don’t need a whole new crockpot, just the Insert. Go to a Savers or Salvation Army and look for your same crockpot and get that. Even if the electric part doesn’t work, don’t worry you just needed the insert really. 
Prepare one of the crock pots with your dinner recipes for the next night, put it in the fridge for the next day.

Prepare the other crock pot with your breakfast for the morning, turn it on now so you don’t forget. Once you eat in the morning, take that pot out and soak it with some soap and water and put the crockpot on from dinner that you made the night before. Turn it on now so you don’t forget. Make sure you’re not using an old crockpot, get one that switches to warm mode when it’s done cooking. 

Things to do on a day off:

     Make food for the freezer: (Microwave when needed)

        Make a loaf of French toast

        A couple pounds of bacon

        A couple omelettes

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